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Anderson, Thithi 8th Math
Ascherl, Tom 6th Math SPED
Barry, David 7th Math
Boyster, Lisa i6th/7th Science
Bramble, May SPED
Bridgewater, George Chorus
Chrisman, David 8th Language Arts
Cohen, Patricia 7th Lang Arts
Cush, Arron 8th History
Doose, Dan Lang Arts
Dunning, Farzin 7th/8th Math/Math Intervention
Esposito, Lita 7th Science
Fisher, Lisa Physical Education Teacher
Fredin, Vanessa 6th Math
Furqueron, Sheri 8th Lang Arts
Gaige, Jessica ELD IV
Gisbert, Cindy 8th LA/Hist SPED
Henry, Yvette 8th Math
Ho, Robert 7th Science
Horning, Frank Physical Education Teacher
Howe, Lindsey 8th Math/Science SPED
Humphries, Rhonda 8th Lang Arts
Jensen, Jennifer 8th Science
Johnson, Jennifer 7th/8th History
Kearney, Sheri 8th Lang Arts
Kimbrel, Tom Physical Education Teacher
Kissinger, Marian Physical Education Teacher
Kuelbs, Laura 6th Sci/Math/Hist SPED
Lara, Aristeo 6th Lang Arts/Social Studies/AVID
LaVelle, Shelley 6th/7th Math
Leighton, Ryan SPED
Lingua, Eric 8th Math
McKeehan, Sue Band/Orchestra
McKeenney, Shelley Physical Education Teacher
Miller, Angie 7th History
Miller, Kristen 8th Science
Miserany, Dotti 7th Lang Arts
Montamble, Don 8th History
Padigos, Karel 7th Math/Sci SPED
Parker, Ashley 7th Lang Arts
Paulek, Kathleen 6th Lang Arts
Pokletar, Robert 7th LA/Hist SPED
Richards, Patti 7th Lang Arts 6th/7th AVID
Risner-Wilson, Charney 6th Lang Arts
Roberts, Sarah 6th Lang Arts
Rockdale, Kristy 7th Math
Rogers, Vonda 6th Math/Science
Ruiz, Erin 7th Lang Arts
Sandoval, Debbie 6th lang Arts/7th-8th AVID
Scoltock, Debra Math Inv/Dig
Shaddy, Emily 7TH History
Steinhardt, Bailey 6TH Lang Arts/SS/Peer Leadership
Taylor, Dave 6th History
Thomas, Renee 6th Math
Thompson, Jennifer 8th Lang Arts
Trainer, Holly Enrichment (ART)
Vencill, Frederick 7th Math Intervention/ 6th Science
Wagner, Scott Physical Education Teacher
Weinthal, Erika 6th LA/Hist SPED
Zappia, Jeanette 6th/8th Science