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Teacher Email and Phone List

Name E-Mail Address Phone Subject
ALBAUGH, DADRE dadre.albaugh@oside.us 901-8887 Math
ANDERSON, ERIC Eric.Anderson@oside.us 901-8893 Algebra
ASCHERL, TOM Tom.Ascherl@oside.us 901-8885 SDC
BICKEL, TANJA tanja.bickel@oside.us 901-8882 Hist-6/7
BOWMAN, DONNA Donna.Bowman@oside.us 901-8874 Math/Sci-6
BOYSTER, LISA Lisa.Boyster@oside.us 901-8860 LA-7/READ 180
BRIDGEWATER, GEORGE george.bridgewater@oside.us 901-8834 Chorus
COHEN, PATTY Patty.Cohen@oside.us 901-8861 LA-7 
CROSS, ALETHA aletha.cross@oside.us 901-8850 SDC
CRUZ, LINDSEY lindsey.cruz@oside.us 901-8843 RSP
CUSH, ARRON Arron.Cush@oside.us 901-8892 Hist-8
DIGGS, IRENE irene.diggs@oside.us 901-8883 LA-6
DOOSE, DAN daniel.doose@oside.us 901-8852 LA-8
DUNNING, FARZIN Farzin.Dunning@oside.us 901-8895 Algebra
ESPOSITO, LITA Lita.Esposito@oside.us 901-8897 Sci-7
EWING, NICOLE nicole.ewing@oside.us   LA-6/7
FEMIA, SUZANNE suzanne.femia@oside.us 901-8844 LA/ELD
FISHER, LISA lisa.fisher@oside.u 901-8897 PE
FRASER, KEN Ken.Fraser@oside.us 901-8874 Math/Sci-6
GEISSMANN, JANET Janet.Geissmann@oside.us 901-8878 Art
GISBERT, CINDY Cindy.Gisbert@oside.us 901-8837 SDC
HALVERSON, ERIKA erika.halverson@oside.us 901-8873 RSP
HEBERT, HEATHER heather.hebert@oside.us 901-8869 SH
HO, BRAD brad.ho@oside.us 901-8868 RSP
HO, ROBERT Robert.Ho@oside.us 901-8858 Sci-7
HORNING, FRANK frank.horning@oside.us 901-8811 PE
HUMPHRIES, RHONDA rhonda.humphries@oside.us 901-8866 LA-8
ICKE, DAVID David.Icke@oside.us 901-8889 Algebra
JENSEN, JENNIFER Jennifer.Jensen@oside.us 901-8856 SCI-8
KEARNEY, SHERI sheri.kearney@oside.us 901-8838 LA-8
KIMBREL, TOM TKimbrel@oside.us 901-8898 PE
KISSINGER, MARIAN marian.kissinger@oside.us 901-8897 PE
LARA, ARISTEO Aristeo.Lara@oside.us 901-8872 LA/SS-6
LAVELLE, SHELLEY SLavelle@oside.us 901-8877 Pre-Algebra
LEWIS, MARTY Marty.Lewis@oside.us 901-8884 Math/Sci-6
LIN, JENNIFER jennifer.lin@oside.us 901-8895 Math-7
McKEEHAN, SUE Sue.Mckeehan@oside.us 901-8835 Music
McKENNEY, SHELLEY Shelley.McKenney@oside.us 901-8899 PE
McKILLIP, BAILEY bailey.mckillip@oside.us 901-8838 LA/SS-6/ASB
MILLER, ANGIE Angie.Miller@oside.us 901-8882 Hist-7
MISERANY, DOTTI Dotti.Miserany@oside.us 901-8863 LA-7
MONTAMBLE, DON Don.Montamble@oside.us 901-8848 Hist-8
MYERS, CARRIE carrie.myers@oside.us 901-8836 Computers/Yearbook
OROZCO, DENISE denise.orozco@oside.us 901-8842 RSP
PARKER, ASHLEY ashley.parker@oside.us 901-8846 LA-7/8
PAULEK, KATHY kathy.paulek@oside.us 901-8878 LA/SS-6
RICHARDS, PATTI patti.richards@oside.us 901-8879 LA-6
RISNER-WILSON, CHARNEY Charney.Wilson@oside.us 901-8867 LA-7
ROCKDALE, KRISTY kristy.rockdale@oside.us 901-8888 Pre-Algebra
SANDOVAL, DEBBIE Debbie.Sandoval@oside.us 901-8864 LA-7/AVID
SHIRLEY, COLLEEN Colleen.Shirley@oside.us 901-8857 Sci-8
SMITH, JULIE Julie.Smith@oside.us 901-8881 LA/SS-6
STONE, MELANIE melanie.stone@oside.us 901-8897 PE
SUSTACHEK, BOB Bob.Sustachek@oside.us 901-8865 SS-7
TAYLOR, DAVE Dave.Taylor@oside.us 901-8886 Hist-6/8
THOMPSON, JENNIFER jennifer.thompson@oside.us 901-8850 LA-8
TRAINER, HOLLY Holly.Trainer@oside.us 901-8876 Math/Sci-6
VENCILL, FRED fred.vencill@oside.us 901-8880 Math/Sci-6
WAGNER, SCOTT Scott.Wagner@oside.us 901-8811 PE
WEBB, DARCY darcy.webb@oside.us 901-8884 Math/Sci-6/AVID
WILLIAMS, NATHAN nathan.williams@oside.us  901-8884 Math/Sci-6
ZOERNER, STEVE steve.zoerner@oside.us 901-8894 Sci-6/7